The Humanities and Social Sciences Fund International Conference on Jewish Education:
Celebrating 100 Years of Religious Teacher Education

Teacher education in the religious education stream in Israel is now approaching its centennial, and it is important to encourage scholarly discourse in this area, particularly in light of the challenges faced by religious education today. It is incumbent upon us to strengthen research and cultural discourse dealing with the training of religious educators, and to examine it from different perspectives: psychological, gender-based, historical, sociological, pedagogical and cultural. At the same time, attention must be paid to the current and future challenges in the field of religious teacher education in all its different varieties.

The conference will offer opportunities for scholars from Israel and around the world to interact and to meet with professionals who teach the teachers, as well as with promising young people entering the field. The conference sessions will focus on research and scholarship that have direct impact on the process of training religious teachers in Israel and around the world, in diverse areas including education and pedagogy, Torah and values, organization and administration. The conference aims to promote educational discourse while serving as a platform to share current research in the field of religious education, and to promote practical insights for teacher training in Israel and around the world. In conjunction with these goals, the conference hopes to work towards the advancement of Jewish education in general and religious education in particular , multiculturalism, and pluralism of the present age.

We invite you to submit proposals for lecture sessions and scientific posters on the various topics of the conference, as detailed below:

  • Religious teacher training from a multicultural and religious perspective;
  • The future of teacher training in colleges of education;
  • Between religious, Jewish education and religious coercion;
  • Fundamental issues in religious education (faith; prayer; secularization; education for religious values in a digital, technological age; religious education study programs);
  • Research on religious education and the model religious educator;
  • The history of religious and Jewish teacher training;
  • Jewish education in the Diaspora;
  • The national religious education stream vs. other educational streams;
  • Management challenges in religious education;
  • Integration and segregation in religious education
We are sorry, but the deadline for submitting proposals for the conference is over. We look forward to your participation at the conference.

Given the current COVID concerns, the conference may take place virtually. A final decision will be made at the beginning of April. 
In any event, there will be an option to present and participate virtually.